12 Hairstyles For College Going Girls

12 Hairstyles For College Going Girls

College is that time when every girl can finally say goodbye to the school uniform and style themselves with what they like. This hairstyle girl find making hairstyles a bit difficult while running late for college or when the hair is wet. So today m sharing with you best hairstyles for college girls
This hair stylr is very simple hairstyles that every girls can try even with Indian wear for your college. you can get this hair style in just 3-5min. Let’s see best trendy hairstyles now.

 1. Braided Top Knot :

This hairstyle looks so cute and trendy as well. You will see this everywhere and they are so simple, yet they somehow transform a basic top knot into something suitable for any occasion.

2. Braided Half Up :

you can get the hang of #2, you can pull this one off for sure. Make a french braid (or regular braid) on both sides of your part, then tie them together in the back. It’s very easy to do.

3. Classy pony tail with basic wrap :

The trick to doing this hairstyle is to pull your hair into a ponytail and wrap strands of hair around the base while covering the ponytail holder. Brush your hair back to get a smooth ponytail. Separate a thin band with longer hair under your ponytail. Wrap this thin hair band around the ponytail. This is also a more elegant way to hide the hair ties.

4. Open hairstyle :

Care to leave your hair open? You can try a lot of hair variations to enhance your hairstyle, such as the side swept hairstyle, low wavy curls, easy twisting and even a headband.

5. Side fishbone braids :

This hairstyle sounds nice, but in reality it is not. This side fishbone braid is great to wear, not only at university, but also in summer, as it keeps the hair away from the face. It’s a style that looks well-groomed but can be done quickly.

6. Wavy layered open hairstyle :

Of course you can go for this hairstyle. There is very little styling required and you do not have to do too much for it. Just try a light-in-hair moisturizer and divide your hair, which most flatters your face shape.

7. side swept up hairstyle :

Need help in perfecting the side-fingered hairstyle? Then here is how you can do it. Use shampoo and conditioner that can maximize hair shine. Use a paddle brush to dry and straighten your hair. Choose a side clearance that is pretty low. Finish with a nice set of earrings.

8. Just simple layers :

Just simple layers can add volume and texture to your hair. The planes can help balance a round or square surface and define it better. Straight simple layers can be tried on any hair length. You can even add some highlights to complete this hairstyle.

9. Side topsy ponytail :

Side Topsy Ponytail is suitable for any stylish college girl. This slender ponytail can be made on both long and medium hair lengths. You can do highlights on your hair to give the hairstyle more definition.

10. Front puff hairstyle :

A front puff hairstyle can bring the rocker chic in you. This style is so easy to create. You need a hanging brush and a hair spray to create the breath. You can either leave your hair open or make a ponytail.

11. Bohemian top braid :

Show your boho spirit in a stylish way. This simple hairstyle is a perfect selection for any of these college days. How can I get it? Pull part of the hair from the middle of the head. Collect it on top of your head and make a normal bun. Keep your hair open from the sides and get ready to look carefree and chic.

12. Side twisted simple half to hairstyle :

Getting this college hairstyle is easy. You just have to split the hair on the side of the head, then roll up a small piece of hair from the side over one ear and put it back. Then comb the length of the hair from above the twisted roll and have a roll time.

So this are some cute and easy hairstyle for college going girl. And they are super easy to do.

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