How to use the deodorant correctly?

How to use the deodorant correctly?

Sweating is a normal process of the body, due to which the body gets cool in the heat also, and body temperature remains under control. Where some people get sweat in normal quantity, some people get excessive sweating. Such people sweat glands are more active It is a type of syndrome called hyperhidrosis. Because of this, odor is also produced from the body.

People get different ways to get rid of this problem. Some people do not drink frequently, they change their diet, reduce the use of caffeine, alcohol and spices, while others use deodorants or anti-perspirants. Some people also resort to Botox to overcome the problem of excessive sweating in the underarm. In this, the purified botulinum toxin is given in small amounts in the underarm, so that the sweating sweats are temporarily blocked and the problem of perspiration for 4 to 6 months is solved.

Keep these things in mind :

Are you using the correct deodorant? Do you know which of the products that you are using, what elements exist and what effect can they have on your skin? If you do not know, then we tell you what to look for when using Dio –

1) Stay away from harmful chemicals

Aluminum compounds such as aluminum chloride deodorants cause the urination and allergic reaction in the skin of some people, because deodorants also contain a large amount of alcohol, which can have a bad effect on sensitive skin. So stay away from such a dio.

2) Parabins

It is a kind of artificial preservative, which is used in cosmetics to a great extent. This chemical increases the risk of breast cancer. The other chemicals used in the deodorant are to be examined and avoided – Propolene artificial color. It is therefore better that you choose Alcohol-free Deodorant.

3) Avoid sharp aroma from avoiding

Artificial fragrance is not good for everyone. Most deodorants use scented oils with alcohol. Such a few aromas can cause cosmetic allergens on the skin. If you are allergic to the aroma, then choose a low fragrance disorder and spray the deodorant on the skin instead of spraying it on the skin.

4) Deodorant or Anti-Perspirant

Do you know there are different combinations in the deodorant or anti-perspirant and are also used differently? Anti-perspirant is such a deodorant, which works on the sweat glands to stop sweating and then prevent the dehydration of the underarm because it contains fragrance and the antibacterial elements that prevent dehydration bacteria on the skin. Are.

So before using any type of fragrance, know that you need an anti-perspirant or a deodorant, because this depends on the needs of your body. So if you do not sweat in excessive amount but if you are worried about the odor of sweat, then the deodorant can be the right choice for you. On the other hand, if you have a lot of trouble with excessive sweating then anti-perspirant is the right choice for you.

5) Stick and Spray

It is up to your personal preference, people who like to wear the deodorant directly on the skin often like to take a stick. At the same time some people like to spray the deodorant on the shirt, then they feel better spray. Both are easy to use. However, many times the sticks leave the spots on your clothes. Especially when the color of your dress is thicker. In this case, the use of spray will be better.

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