Beauty Problems and There Solutions

Beauty Problems and There Solutions

There are so many types of beauty problems in women’s mind and body, but they are also super easy to solve. Here i will give you a best solution for problems that will be useful to you.

1 Problem –

I’m 21 years old, I have started to lose hair For a very long time, what do I need to do to stop my hairfall ?

Its Solution –

Every women wang long hair. If somebody’s hair is not long, then there are many reasons. Use Amla, Shikakai and Brahmi powder to the hair twice a week. Also use fenugreek seeds in coconut oil and put it twice a week on hair. This will help you to make your hair strong and long.

2 Problem –

I’m a 20 year old girl. My skin is beautiful, face is very dark. What can I do for this? Give me some tips to get fair skin.

Its Solution –

Mix turmeric powder in raw milk. Leave it for 15 minutes on face, then wash it with lukewarm water. Steam on the face for 5 minutes. Wash with cold water a little later. If you get out in the sun, then leave the sunscreen cream. Wash the face with soap, instead of soap. The color of the face will be gradually cleared.

3 Problem –

I’m an 18 year old girl. I have little dark circle under the eyes, what should I do to make it clear, please give proper tips? To get rid of dark circle.

Its Solution –

Drink plenty of water to remove the dark circles of eyes. Use the potato and cucumber juice and keep it in freeze. When it becomes frozen ice, wrap it in the cotton and roll around the eyes. This will solve the dark circles problem fast Have facial faces to look clean. Mix curd with flour once a week, prepare the scrubber, clean the face, then in a few days the face will be clearly visible.

4 Problem –

I sweat a lot, and also blackheads on the my  face have become very much. Please give some tips what to do?

Its Solution –

If sweating comes in a lot of amount to somebody then there is no bad thing in this. Drink plenty of water and take two to three times a day. This will give you benefits. Use good cream to Massage to remove facial scars.

5 Problem –

There are lots of mole marks on my face, what can be done to remove them? Its should be visible, what should be done for it?

Its Solution –

To remove facial mole can be treated by homeopathic and plastic surgery. Contact a good doctor. Wash your face with curd to keep the face clean. Make a paste of orange peel and multani clay paste, this will make the face look clean.

6 Problem –

What can be done to completely remove unwanted hair? Please give proper tips.

Its Solution –

Waxing, hair remover and safety razor are used to remove unwanted hair. After removing the hair from all these, they come back to their place again after some period of times. To remove unwanted hair completely, it is treated with laser-branded parlors, but it is a little expensive. nowadays, many doctors also solve such a problem which is called dermatologist.

7 Problem –

My face has acne. I suppress them by pressing the nails and there is no harm to it? Please advise.

Its Solution –

Do not stop working with nails to remove them. It causes stomach acne in place of acne. The skin also gets infected by nail pressing. Take hot water and steam your face. To remove the acne, cream also comes in the market, put it on. Try to keep your stomach clean, because this problem is more if the stomach is not cleansed.

So this are some problems and there proper solution. Follow this solution if you have any of this problems.

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